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January 28, 2023

At Ideal Day, we are committed to using sustainable ingredients in all of our beers. We believe that using ingredients that are grown or sourced in an environmentally friendly manner not only helps to reduce the impact of our brewing process but also helps to improve the quality of our beers.

We want our labels to be beautiful, flexible and there to be as little waste as possible. As the ingredients we bring into the brewery change, so will our beers. This meant we needed a system for labelling that was infinitely flexible, allowing us to be self reliant and prevent excess labels ending up in landfill.

Our great friend Max (@forestandoceanstudio) is the amazing artist behind our logo and label design. Our kids were born weeks apart in lockdown and the little tree friends have been each others best little mates ever since.

We are just starting on our process; whether that’s stamped or part printed then stamped…it’s early days, but we’re very excited to see where we end up. This project got us thinking about what else we could do to add a personal touch.

Making the keg badges is one of those things that turned out to be rewarding in ways we never imagined. From woodland to sitting proudly on a bar – it has been a lot of trying things for the joy of finding out if they work.

This first batch is made out of sweet chestnut cut from an abandoned coppice which we’re putting back into production. This is part of amazing work of @edtherangerlife to capture carbon and build ecosystems just north of us in the Tamar Valley. Big thank you to @chefdancox for saving our arms and backs by letting us borrow the bench planer.

We might not be able to make keg badges like this forever but, whilst we have the time and energy, it’s been a real privilege to take this from tree all the way to bar.

Nia, James, Rowan and Otis x

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